Resthaven Cemetery: Preserving Memories in Baton Rouge, LA


Resthaven Cemetery is a revered final resting place located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a history dating back to 1942, Resthaven Cemetery has become an important landmark in the community, providing a peaceful and dignified environment for the interment of loved ones. This article explores the rich history, notable features, and services offered by Resthaven Cemetery in Baton Rouge. Learn information about Baton Rouge, LA.


Founded in 1942, Resthaven Cemetery has a long-standing legacy in Baton Rouge. It was established with the vision of creating a serene and beautifully landscaped burial ground for families in the community. Over the years, Resthaven Cemetery has upheld its commitment to providing a tranquil and respectful environment where families can pay their respects and honor the memory of their loved ones. Discover facts about  Resthaven Gardens of Memory & Funeral Home: A Revered Baton Rouge Institution.

Notable Features

Resthaven Cemetery encompasses a sprawling area that features various notable elements. The grounds are meticulously maintained and adorned with vibrant gardens, picturesque walkways, and tranquil water features. The serene and peaceful ambiance provides a comforting atmosphere for visitors to reflect and find solace.

Resthaven Cemetery also offers a variety of burial options to meet the diverse needs and preferences of families. These include traditional ground burials, mausoleum entombment, cremation gardens, and columbarium niches for the interment of cremated remains. The cemetery provides a range of memorialization options, ensuring families have the flexibility to create personalized tributes that reflect the life and legacy of their loved ones.


In addition to providing burial spaces, Resthaven Cemetery offers a range of services to support families during times of loss. These include assistance with funeral arrangements, coordination of graveside services, and guidance on selecting appropriate markers or monuments. The caring staff at Resthaven Cemetery is committed to providing compassionate support and ensuring that families have a seamless and meaningful experience.

Community Involvement

Resthaven Cemetery actively engages with the Baton Rouge community and participates in various local events and initiatives. They also support educational programs and seminars on grief and bereavement. Their involvement extends beyond their role as a cemetery, as they strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in the community.


Resthaven Cemetery stands as a place of remembrance and tranquility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With its rich history, notable features, and dedication to providing comprehensive services, Resthaven Cemetery offers families a dignified and peaceful environment to honor and cherish the memory of their loved ones. Whether through traditional burials or alternative options, Resthaven Cemetery remains committed to preserving the legacies and memories of those who rest within its grounds.

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